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Yes. I have been walking this road for some time, thinking the only thing worth saying is something juicy or negative. I went through a phase of attempting to always be positive and well, I realized I had not much of anything to share. That was a rather disheartening moment.And as for yearning for the youth we traded for mortgage payments and dental plans. Um yeah. I liked spontenaity. We were pretty good friends for a while. Like to have visits from her more often.

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Lepo reeeno, posebno o arhitektima koji nemaju mnogo izbora. Misim da su i sami donekle krivi jer se ponaeBaju kao modni kreatori, svako prolee Be novi modeli, onako kako treƒZieBte traeƒZi. eŒini se da je sve jedno, eBto se tiee novih zgrada, da li se gleda u izlog sa haljinama i cipelama ili u fasade dueƒZ ulice ... moda za poneti hara svetom a arhitekti da bi opstali slede taj trend ...Tvoji komentari mi se dopadaju i doeƒZivljavam ih kao podreBku ...

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Po pe™eeteneƒ diskuse a eleBnku na Rapidshare si uve Rdomuji, eƒZe nemuseƒm steBle nic me Rnit na neBzoru, ktereƒX jsem si ude Rlal hned po zvee™ejne Rneƒ veƒXsledku soute ReƒZe:a) tak obrovskeB beztvareB masa v maleƒD vzdeBlenosti od PraeƒZskeƒDho hradu bude provokaceƒ (moeƒZneB se na to deB zvyknout)b) beztvareB masa jako nejveƒXznamne RjeBeƒ knihovna naeBeho steBtu se mi neleƒbeƒ (nota bene arch. MarteƒeBek uvadeƒ e™adu probleƒDmeƒb - osve Rtleneƒ, riziko haeBeneƒ poeƒZeBru, neBkladnost klimatizace a neBkladnost zakleBdaceƒho systeƒDmu)c) beztvareB barevneB masa by na jineƒDm meƒste R Prahy mohla sloueƒZit jako zajeƒmaveƒX akvapark

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Also, Scobie&#8217;s multithematic approach is more my style. I even went in that direction before I&#8217;d read him in an old post on unifying ideas that I can&#8217;t be bothered looking up to link to&#8230;

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Anthony, It is a real problem keeping your kids from overdoing electronic stimulation. I have afriend who does not own a tv. Her kids are avid readers. Maybe she is on to something. Mark